Beauty is more than a pretty picture. True beauty radiates from within. It comes from a consciousness that does not want to harm it’s environment or exclude anyone as we are all one to begin with. InnerBeauty Magazine is about stories. Stories that inspire and makes you feel good. InnerBeauty Magazine goes back to your essence. It touches what we all have in common. A desire to be one, to feel love. A desire to reveal our real beauty.

In 2010 Marit Heemskerk founded, a Dutch inspiration platform for hair & beauty and she is still working on it with passion. But she wanted more … she needed to connect with her inner self.  InnerBeauty Magazine is about her personal journey towards finding beauty within. You can travel the world, but real happiness, true love, can only be found at home, with yourself. Marit shares her homecoming journey in stories, images & thoughts.

You can find her stories in 4 categories:

  1. Human – interviews with beautiful people
  2. Essence – stories about the search for inner peace
  3. Thought – sharing ideas & opinions from the heart
  4. Food – taking care of yourself, nourishment for body, hair & skin

Not all stories are written in English, some are only in Dutch … feel free to ask for a translation if you are curious about something! Or is there a story you want to share? Please contact Marit at