Beauty is more than a pretty picture. True beauty radiates from within. It comes from a consciousness that does not want to harm it’s environment or exclude anyone as we are all one to begin with. InnerBeauty Magazine is about stories. Stories of people & brands with a mission in the beauty world. Stories that inspire and makes you feel good. InnerBeauty Magazine goes back to your essence. It touches what we all have in common. A desire to be happy, to feel love. A desire to reveal our real beauty.

In 2010 Marit Heemskerk founded, a Dutch review platform for beauty salons and  products.  She also writes for beauty magazines. InnerBeauty Magazine was founded because she believes beauty goes further than skin deep. She wants to give those people and brands a platform who contribute to make the world more beautiful so their stories can inspire others. InnerBeauty Magazine focuses on natural products that won’t harm the environment, on people with a mission and on how to turn inwards to find more stillness within.

You can find the stories in 5 categories:

  1. Sustainable beauty – stories about products & brands
  2. Beautiful people – interviews with inspiring people
  3. Inner peace – stories about creating space & peace within
  4. Body & soul – stories about beauty salons & initiatives with a mission
  5. Heart work – stories about following your heart in business
  6. Sharing – stories about charities

This online magazine comes in 2 languages; Dutch and English. Not all stories are available in both languages; that depends on the the source. We will try to use the original language as much as possible. Populair stories will be translated and if you think there is a story that needs to be in both languages, please let us know!

Or do you have a story you want to share? Please contact Marit at