Shampoo without a footprint

Story behind the bottle

A few months back I visited Parma for the Davines World Wide Hair Tour. Highlight of that trip was the opening of Davines Village, the head office of this sustainable beauty company. Here all formulas are conceived, tested and developed. According to the people behind Davines, they are always looking at solutions to make their products even more environmentally friendly. The hairstylists of Davines are one big family, the so-called Davines Tribe. With words like “Never close your heart to love, keep giving” and “Making the world a better place”, the audience got even more enthusiastic about their brand and common quest and that is to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible. And I can only applaud this, because if all hairsalons worldwide would be conscious of this, less plastic would end up in the oceans, less chemical waste would be washed away and fewer animals would suffer animal testing (which is still mandatory in China, so watch for brands exporting to that country!).

Davines Village in Parma


One of my personal highlights of the trip was that everyone received a cotton bag with a prototype of a shampoo. This was the first shampoo with fully biodegradable packaging, so it would not cause any damage to the environment. Of course it had already been extensively tested, but to ensure that the quality would be as good as all the other products, hairdressers were asked to give their feedback. Of course I tried it myself, but who better to ask than professionals what they think of this shampoo!

It’s a very nice shampoo to use, with a nice subtle smell and creamy enough to wash. Personally, I prefer it when the viscosity of the shampoo is higher, which means that the substance is thicker. That is easier to use and you’ll need less product. It’s fantastic that the shampoo is 100% Biodegradable, something you can expect from a company like Davines. One minus is that the shampoo is for all hair types. Personally I would make more versions for different hair types.

Contact with Davines is very easy for me as a trainer, as well in the Netherlands as in Italy, via the app, mail or phone. You are always invited to share comments, questions and findings. This shampoo is still under development and I like the fact that I can also give my feedback on it.

Jeanette Koops – Davines hairdresser, owner Silhouet Kappers in Groningen

And what is my opinion as a ‘normal’ consumer? First of all the bottle. I like this kind of no nonsense packaging. It reminds me of a bottle you buy at the pharmacy. The shampoo itself smells great, the scent is more subtle than many other Davines products. The substance itself is quite thin, but it foams very well. I only need a little to wash my hair but because the substance is running through my fingers, I use more than I would like. It is described as a ‘Moisturizing Shampoo for all hair types’, but nevertheless I suspect that my hair needs a bit more nutrition. After using it I had more trouble with frizzy hair than normal even after I followed up with a rich conditioner. But a great step forward and I only applaud these initiatives. If we all reduce our ecological footprint, we can make a real difference together!