Why InnerBeauty Magazine?

Another online magazine, aren’t there enough?

As a journalist, I talk to many people in the beauty industry and I for me it was a pity that these talks didn’t go beyond the latest trends. I missed the deeper conversations you get with topics like happiness or satisfaction. Also, I missed a podium for people and companies that are committed to a better world.

[vision_pullquote style=”1″ align=””] Be the change you wish to see in the world [/vision_pullquote]

If you want to make the world a more beautiful place, start with yourself. I fully agree. The more we are inspired by those who want to help other people, the environment or animals, the more we get started ourselves. I think it works contagiously. This platform is for these ‘beautiful people’. People in the beauty industry and beyond, in which case I will always make a link to their experience with beauty.

Beauty is a broad concept. What is beautiful and how do you define beauty? Ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers. Beauty concerns us all, but everyone experiences it in their own way. I think that feeling beautiful has a lot to do with the kind of thoughts in your head. You can not separate your inner experience from your outer shell. How we look has an enormous impact on our self-confidence and how we see ourselves. Often we are influenced by our environment, ‘what will others think of us’. We want to fill in a perfect picture and there are few people who really dare to be 100% faithful to themselves. Here comes in awareness. The more you are aware of the world around you, the more you find yourself. A balance between the world within you and the one outside. Like yin and yang, one can’t be without the other. If everything is in balance, the circle is complete. With this platform I want to build a bridge between beauty and awareness.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure. I see it as a journey and wonder what and who I am going to encounter along the way. For me, this new step will also bring me closer to myself again.

“We live in a volatile era in which we are 24/7 online connected and yet many people feel lonely. On the other hand, you see more people waking up and start focusing on the basics ​​of our existence, such as love and connectedness. I also saw that with myself. More and more I distanced myself from the rat race, the continuous struggles people get into and instead I felt the need to connect.

That’s why I wanted to look beyond the surface and volatile contacts. I heard so many beautiful stories from people who want to make a difference in this world. This is a special branch, because where do you have such physical and personal contact as when you sit in the barber chair? Moreover, the beauty industry is becoming more interesting now the focus is finally on issues like diversity and sustainability. Those are the stories I want to tell through this platform. Hopefully stories that inspire others to make the world a better place. Because in the end everything is connected, it already starts with ourselves as your appearance and inner self can’t be seen as separate.