Carmen Tal | Happiness is a choice

Carmen Tal is the co-founder of Moroccanoil is born in Chile and currently living in Canada.  She was with her husbands family in Israel when she had a bad experience in a hair salon when she colored her hair. She bought a local argan oil treatment to save her dry hair and the result was amazing. She immediately saw a business opportunity here and the idea for Moroccanoil was born. The rest is history of course, who doesn’t know the famous Moroccanoil Elixer? What few people know however, is that Carmen is using her power to empower other less fortunate women. Reasons enough to ask this lady about her mission & vision.

“My mother was a strong role model for me”

Inner voice

As a child, I was always very curious and interested in everything. As an entrepreneur, I believe there are certain personal traits that I was born with so I am grateful for the fact that my parents raised my brothers and I to believe that anything is possible. They also encouraged us to tap into our individual creativity and taught us the importance of a strong work ethic. It’s these core values they instilled in us from a very young age that have helped shape who I am today. My mother especially was a strong role model for me. She encouraged me to listen to my instincts, trust my inner voice and not be afraid to take chances, which has helped guide me so much in life and my career.


I discovered that happiness is a choice. I find happiness in the simple things in life whether it be spending time with my children or having my friends come over for good food and a good time! I also admire the beauty of nature that my home in Canada has to offer.

“I find happiness in the simple things in life”

Inspired by women

The initiative ‘Inspired by Women’ aims to support existing charities and nonprofit organizations. It features powerful stories of passionate and courageous women who take confidence, compassion, and strength to a whole new level through their respective causes. Moroccanoil provides continued support whenever possible to their foundations/organizations, whether it’s through donations or customized programs in their local communities.

“When you empower women, the sky is the limit”

Do successful companies have a responsibility to contribute to a better world?

Definitely! Personally speaking, with all of our success it’s so incredibly important to us to give back. Our Inspired by Women platform, is so much more than a campaign for us – it’s a lifelong project to celebrate, inspire, and empower women around the world… because when you empower women, the sky is the limit! Animal welfare is also a huge commitment for us and year after year, we continue to support The Humane Society of the United States in any way we can. Being lucky enough to have a successful brand, I think giving back to the community around us is extremely important.

Our mision

At Moroccanoil, we take pride in doing our part to bring an environmentally friendly future to life, as this is a cause very close to my heart. We are constantly learning and implementing new initiatives to lessen our environmental footprint. Additionally, when Moroccanoil first began I knew that my personal love for animals would naturally help shape the company’s values. It was and still is very important to me that cruelty-free practices be the foundation of this brand. We are very proud to have been awarded The Humane Society of the United States’ 2017 Corporate Consciousness Award.

Conscious at home

When shopping online, I make sure that I order from companies that care about the environment and uses minimum packaging for their shipments. I also don’t use plastic bags to store food in the fridge and instead, I use fabric or paper. I try to do my grocery shopping in bulk whenever available and I always bring my own shopping bags. That said, I think the biggest impact comes from sharing my initiatives with others so my surrounding community becomes more environmentally friendly.

“Today, accessibility and convenience are more important than ever”

Future of beauty

Like most things, the beauty industry is constantly evolving. For example, over the last decade the beauty business has changed significantly based on ever-changing consumer demands. Today, accessibility and convenience are more important than ever. For us, we strive to continue to expand our offerings as a complete lifestyle beauty brand across all of today’s key consumer touchpoints to fulfill the needs of the modern customer. Nowadays, consumers are also much more educated in their purchases so as a company, transparency is becoming increasingly important.